Natural human-robot interaction requires the coordinated interplay of perceptual, communicative, and motor processes as well as advanced interaction skills. The HUMAVIPS project aims to advance the state-of-the-art such that autonomous robots exhibit adequate behavior when dealing with a group of people. Research and technological developments emphasize the role played by multi-modal perception within principled models of human-robot interaction and of humanoid behavior. A humanoid-centered system architecture allows eased integration and fusion of auditory and visual skills on humanoid robots such as NAO.

This website promotes the use and development of an open-source software platform to foster dissemination and to ensure exploitation of project results beyond the lifetime of the project. While project results are aimed to be applicable to different kinds of robot systems, particular support and components is available for the NAO Robot as the primary demonstration platform in the HUMAVIPS project.

Usage Information

  • project:scenarioy2 provides a start for information about using the HUMAVIPS system (for developers).
  • The project:colabtools project provides descriptions and support for administration purposes of the HUMAVIPS Open Portal and associated web services like the Jenkins continuous integration server or the HUMAVIPS website.
  • If you lost your password, you can use https://account.cor-lab.de to recover it.

Latest news

vdemo: System Startup and Shutdown: vdemo implementation moved
Added by J. Wienke over 7 years ago

Nao Components: Release of FOSS Package
The HUMAVIPS team is looking forward to release the 2nd year FOSS packages which will provide smooth integration of NAO with the open source RSB middleware and an initial set of functional components.
Added by S. Wrede almost 9 years ago

ActionLauncher: 1.12 support
Added by J. Wienke about 9 years ago

m³s: m³s has moved to the HUMAVIPS Open Portal
Added by J. Wienke almost 10 years ago

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Latest projects

  • GroupManager (12/17/2012 04:24 PM)

    GroupManager - Builds hypotheses about the group the robot is interacting with.

    GIT access:

    git clone https://code.humavips.eu/git/groupmanager.git
  • vdemo: System Startup and Shutdown (09/27/2012 10:45 PM)

    VDemo: A Toolset for Distributed System Startup and Shutdown (Humavips fork)

    SVN URL: https://code.humavips.eu/svn/vdemo/

    This repository only contains the HUMAVIPS-specific component scripts. The vdemo implementation has moved to the master branch of https://code.cor-lab.org/projects/vdemo....

  • MotionSpeechSync (04/03/2012 01:39 PM)

    The MotionSpeechSync server (running on the Nao robot) can produce text-to-speech output with gestures that are synchronized to specific points of the text.

    SVN URL: https://code.humavips.eu/svn/motionspeechsync

  • NaoHeadControl (04/02/2012 04:57 PM)

    A small tool to remotely control the viewing direction of a Nao head by clicking on images from the robot's camera.

    Needs the NaoRSB components (especially the RSB video sender and the RPC adapter for controlling Nao through RSB) running on the robot....

  • NaoGameControl (12/09/2011 12:33 PM)

    A python script which enables to control nao using gaming devices like joysticks or a 6D mouse typically used for CAD.