vdemo: System Startup and Shutdown: vdemo implementation moved

Added by J. Wienke almost 6 years ago

The implementation of vdemo has moved to a public project: The version used in humavips is available in the master branch.

The humavips gar installer is updated to point to that new location.

Nao Components: Release of FOSS Package

Added by S. Wrede over 7 years ago

We are currently testing the cross-platform compatibility of the binary packages we are going to provide for the NAO embedded system, which means that this set of FOSS packages will run on the "old" as well as the new ATOM-based NAO heads including the HUMAVIPS stereo head prototype. The packages availble are build against RSB 0.5 and NaoQi 1.12. The currently available open source packages are:

Name Description Partner
RSC – Robotics Systems Commons A C++ library with reusable building blocks for system integration in robotics BIU
RSB – Robotics Service Bus An event-driven message-oriented middleware with implementations in multiple languages BIU
RST – Robotics Systems Types An IDL-based collection of common data types in robotics systems like images or sound chunks ALL
RSBag A record-replay solution for events sent over RSB BIU
m3s – Multi-Modal Memory Space A multi-modal memory system specifically designed to suit the needs of humanoid robots BIU
RSB Event Time Visualization Visualization of RSB events over time BIU
RSB OpenCV Tools OpenCV-based tools for streaming and receiving video streams over RSB BIU
Multi-Modal Fusion Library Library containing algorithms for the fusion of auditory and visual cues INRIA
Esmeralda Incremental speech recognizer using Hidden Markov Models. Imported from previous projects BIU
nao-cross-image Binary package containing the NAO RSB interface as well as other utility components to be installed on the robot BIU,ALD
Stereo Matching Calculates the depth of two matched face detection results from a stereo setup INRIA
... ... ...

ActionLauncher: 1.12 support

Added by J. Wienke over 7 years ago

Trunk is now supporting NaoQi 1.12. A branch for 1.10 exists.

m³s: m³s has moved to the HUMAVIPS Open Portal

Added by J. Wienke about 8 years ago

The wiki, code and all issues of the project have been moved to the HUMAVIPS Open Portal.


Also available in: Atom