• GroupManager

    GroupManager - Builds hypotheses about the group the robot is interacting with.

    GIT access:

    git clone
  • m³s

    m³s - Multi-Modal Memory Space

    Spoken: m-Cubes

    A spatio-temporal working memory system with a focus on humanoid robots

  • Nao Components

    Nao Components are building blocks of re-usable functionality for the Nao humanoid such as tools for Aldebaran's proprietary ARV video format, m³s modules for Nao and RSB Converters for NaoQi's data types.

    Each component is represented by a dedicated subproject....

    • ActionLauncher

      The ActionLauncher is a python script that connects to NaoQi, waits for a series of touch events to occur on the touchpad on the head of the robot and launches an action (that can be defined in a python file or a Choregraphe behavior) depending on what combination of keys (front, middle, rear) was touched. ......

    • HeadSelfCollisionAvoidance

      A module which safely allows to operate Nao's head without having to check for self-collisions with the shoulders on your own.

    • MotionSpeechSync

      The MotionSpeechSync server (running on the Nao robot) can produce text-to-speech output with gestures that are synchronized to specific points of the text.

      SVN URL:

    • NaoGameControl

      A python script which enables to control nao using gaming devices like joysticks or a 6D mouse typically used for CAD.

    • NaoHeadControl

      A small tool to remotely control the viewing direction of a Nao head by clicking on images from the robot's camera.

      Needs the NaoRSB components (especially the RSB video sender and the RPC adapter for controlling Nao through RSB) running on the robot....

    • NaoRSB

      RSB Converters for NAO data types.

      SVN URL:

    • StatusMonitor

      A monitor application for Nao with additional information to the ones provided by the DCM. An infoprovider is launched on the robot that makes all relevant information available in the ALMemory and a simple curses GUI can visualize the information on a remote machine.......

  • Stereo Matching

    Stereo Matching for HUMAVIPS NAO

  • vdemo: System Startup and Shutdown

    VDemo: A Toolset for Distributed System Startup and Shutdown (Humavips fork)

    SVN URL:

    This repository only contains the HUMAVIPS-specific component scripts. The vdemo implementation has moved to the master branch of

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